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Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 12:09 PM - For Immediate Release

Airport Holiday Entertainment Series Begins Nov. 18

SARAMENTO - To bring a little joy to the holiday season, Sacramento International Airport has scheduled performers at selected dates from Nov. 18 - Dec. 24.  The musicians will perform in the baggage claim areas at both terminals on selected dates. A list is below, or you can download a performance list.

Date                                    Time                               Terminal                                     Performer   

Friday, Nov. 18                  11am-1pm                         A                                                 Mat Marucci Quartet

Wednesday, Nov. 23          11am-1pm                         A                                                Virginia Ayers-Dawson

Wednesday, Nov. 23          11am-1pm                         B                                                Susan Lamb Cook

Sunday, Nov. 27                11am-1pm                         A                                                 Pam Pamperin

Sunday, Nov. 27                9pm-11pm                         A                                                 Reassemblers of Whimsy

Sunday, Nov. 27                11am-1pm                         B                                                 Dennis & The Ramblers

Friday, Dec. 16                  11am-1pm                         A                                                 Valerie V

Friday, Dec. 16                  9pm-11pm                         A                                                 Vivian Lee

Friday, Dec. 16                  11am-1pm                         B                                                 Brandy Robinson

Wednesday, Dec. 21          11am-1pm                         A                                                Susan Lamb Cook

Wednesday, Dec. 21          9pm-11pm                         A                                                Gary Mendoza Band

Wednesday, Dec. 21          9pm-11pm                         B                                                 Fair Oaks Woodwind Quintet

Thursday, Dec. 22             11am-1pm                         A                                                 Passiflora

Thursday, Dec. 22             11am-1pm                         B                                                 Don Moors

Thursday, Dec. 22             9pm-11pm                         B                                                 Notorious Shank Brothers

Thursday, Dec. 22             9pm-11pm                         A                                                 Marty Cohen

Friday,  Dec. 23                 11am-1pm                         A                                                 Brennen Milton

Friday,  Dec. 23                 11am-1pm                         B                                                 Brassy!

Friday,  Dec. 23                 9pm-11pm                         B                                                 Rockstar Parking

Saturday, Dec. 24              11am-1pm                         A                                                 Maria Hoyos

Saturday, Dec. 24              11am-1pm                         B                                                 Sambandha

Sacramento County Airport System, a department of Sacramento County, is responsible for planning, developing, operating and maintaining four of the County’s airports: Sacramento International Airport, Executive Airport, Mather Airport and Franklin Field. The Airport System provides more than $4 billion in annual economic impact to the Sacramento region. For more information, visit