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Pilot Information

Information for pilots flying into or out of Mather.

All of the information a pilot needs to plan take off and landing at Mather Airport can be found right here. From facilities and frequencies to procedures, the information below will make your flight as easy as possible and help you take advantage of all of the services available.


The following is for information only, for flight planning purposes, please see the FAA Airport/Facility Directory

  • Runway 04R-22L: 11,301 by 150’, lighted; Runway 22L instrument approaches: Cat 1 ILS, RNAV (GPS) 22L, VOR/DME 22L; Runway 4R: RNAV (GPS) 4R
  • Runway 04L-22R: 6,040 by 150’, lighted
  • Airfield Elevation 99 MSL
  • Traffic Pattern Altitude: 1099 MSL piston, 1899 MSL turbine
  • Contract control tower 5 a.m Monday through 9 p.m. Saturday, 5 a.m. – 9 p.m. Sunday (SERCO)
  • Jet A, 100 LL Avgas, tie-downs, hangar space, FBO and line services, major aircraft maintenance

Radio Frequencies

  • Mather Airport Air Traffic Control Tower : 120.65
  • Mather Airport Ground Control : 121.85
  • Mather Airport ATIS: 118.325
  • Sacramento Approach Control: 127.4
  • Atlantic Aviation Unicom: 123.075

Noise Abatement Procedures

Extremely noise sensitive populated areas are located along approach and departure corridors for Mather Airport. Pilots are requested/encouraged to use best operating practices to minimize aircraft noise exposure at all times.

SCAS Website

Aviation Support Services

Ground support companies provide ground handling, fueling and other services to the aviation community.