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Explore our extensive public art collection

Infuse your journey with culture before you ever leave the ground. As home to works from internationally renowned artists, Sacramento International gives every traveler the chance to experience artistic inspiration up close in a variety of media.


  • Image of Flying Carpet

    Flying Carpet by Seyed Alavi

    Medium: Digital Print, Woolen Carpet
    Location: Terminal A | Pedestrian bridge from parking garage

    A digital, aerial image is woven into a woolen carpet displaying 50 miles of the Sacramento River and recalling the experience of flight.

  • Image of Traveling Light

    Traveling Light by Leslie Birleson

    Medium: Polycarbonate, screen printed silk, aircraft aluminum
    Location: Terminal A | Terminal A above ticket counter

    Lighted silk sculptures represent the diversity of travel.

  • Image of Samson

    Samson by Brian Goggin

    Medium: Mixed media
    Location: Terminal A | Terminal A Baggage Claim

    Two 23' pillars are constructed with luggage dating from the conceptual genesis of the airplane to the present. The pillars support the ceiling as travelers metaphorically support the space itself.

  • Image of Chromatic Oasis

    Chromatic Oasis by Christopher Janney

    Medium: Interactive - multimedia
    Location: Terminal A | Terminal A 2nd floor before security checkpoint

    Large, flat colored glass forms are suspended beneath a skylight to bathe walkers below in colored light, while movement below the forms triggers melodic " historic Sacramento" sounds.

  • Image of River’s Edge

    River’s Edge by Gregory Kondos

    Medium: Etched & colored glass
    Location: Terminal A | Terminal A exterior transom windows

    Glass panels showing scenes along the Sacramento River.

  • Image of Flying Gardens

    Flying Gardens by Dennis Oppenheim

    Medium: Steel, Acrylic, Lexan, Fiberglass, Expanded Metal, Vines
    Location: Terminal A | Terminal A entry road and parking structure

    12 massive bird sculptures are mounted at varying heights along the airport-facing façade of the Parking Garage and in the landscaped area near Terminal A.


  • Image of Acorn Steam

    Acorn Steam by Donald Lipski

    Medium: Wood, steel, laytex, Polished Austrian crystals (Swarovski)
    Location: Terminal B | Concourse

    The artist means to bring the outside in to the airport, while paying homage to Sacramento's native oak trees, which sustained the Nisenan (Southern Maidu) and Plains Miwok Indians with their acorns.

  • Image of Migration

    Migration by Marcia Stuermer

    Medium: Acrylic Panels, LED lights
    Location: Terminal B | International Arrivals

    The flock of cranes depicted in this work is oriented to be traveling away from the baggage claim area, providing a subliminal way-finding mechanism to the weary traveler as well as echoing the intended flow pattern within the space.

  • Image of Your Words are Music to My Ears

    Your Words are Music to My Ears by Po Shu Wang/ Louise Bertelsen (Living Lenses)

    Medium: Steel, Bronze Finish
    Location: Terminal B | Concourse

    Part free Wi-Fi terminal and part musical instrument, this artwork allows passengers to entertain passengers with an instant literary-based musical composition.

  • Image of Untitled

    Untitled by Ned Kahn

    Medium: Stainless Steel, Steel
    Location: Terminal B | APM bridge

    An array of small wind vanes respond to the turbulence of the passing trains as well as the natural wind.

  • Image of Flying Colors

    Flying Colors by Suzanne Adan

    Medium: Glass Mosaic
    Location: Terminal B | Transfer Level

    The artwork depicts a whimsical landscape designed to appeal to youthful imaginations and engage the viewer in a playful and humorous way before boarding his/her flight.

  • Image of As the Crow Flies

    As the Crow Flies by Lynn Criswell

    Medium: Aluminum, Terrazzo, Polyurethane
    Location: Terminal B | Transfer Level

    Twenty-one silhouettes of various indigenous Northern Californian birds are inset into the floor and filled with black terrazzo. Each suspended cage is hung directly over a bird silhouette.

  • Image of A Fragment of the Universe

    A Fragment of the Universe by Joan Moment

    Medium: Glass Mosaic
    Location: Terminal B | Transfer Level

    The mosaic depicts an imaginary world of water and air.

  • Image of Sutter’s Gold

    Sutter’s Gold by Greg Kondos

    Medium: Oil on canvas
    Location: Terminal B | International Arrivals exit

    The painting is inspired by the discovery of gold in 1848 and its historical significance to the Sacramento region.

  • Image of The Baggage Handlers

    The Baggage Handlers by Christian Moeller

    Medium: Wood, Steel
    Location: Terminal B | Ticket Hall

    "The Baggage Handlers" depicts the faces of six airport operation workers. The artwork recognizes these workers as part of the largely invisible labor force at the Airport.

  • Image of Leap

    Leap by Lawrence Argent

    Medium: Aluminum, Steel, Granite, Bronze
    Location: Terminal B | Ticket Hall

    The artist chose to make a sculpture of a rabbit to appear as though it was leaping from the outside of the airport - in- and because it is instantly recognizable but allows airport users to come up with their own story or answer to the question, “Why a red rabbit”? Leap is 56-feet tall and weighs 10,000 pounds.