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Quick access to taxi locations and info.

On-demand taxi service is provided by the Sacramento Independent Taxi Owners Association (SITOA) by contract. This contract ensures the availability of cars and the quality of equipment and service provided. While several companies are members of the association, all cars are white, carry airport branding and are required to maintain levels of customer service and cleanliness.

Other taxi companies with an airport permit or agreement, including Uber, Lyft and Wingz, may drop off passengers at any time and pick up passengers with an advance reservation.

All taxis are located in the ground transportation area adjacent to the baggage claim area.

Sacramento Independent Taxi Owners Association

  • $4 flag drop, $3.00 for each additional mile
  • Rate to wait is $25 per hour
  • Round-trip between SMF and downtown Sacramento is $60.00.
  • Seniors and military personnel are eligible for a 20% discount

(916) 444.0008

Customer Service
(916) 284.6878

On-Airport Courtesy Phone
Ext. 24360