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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the pay on foot parking technology coming this summer.

What is happening with airport parking?

The airport has new parking revenue control equipment at all lots and the garage. The system is geared to be most efficient when customers use a credit card to pay. Currently, there is one attendant at a staffed exit booth at all times.

What is "pay-on-foot" parking?

Pay-on-foot parking, also known as pre-paid parking, provides the opportunity for our passengers to pay for their parking at machines located in each of the parking lots or the garage, making their exit faster and easier. Passengers will still have the option of paying at the exit plaza.

Pay-on-foot machines are located on the 1st and 3rd floors of the parking garage and in the hourly B lot.

How long do I have to exit the lot or garage after I pay?

There is a 20 minute grace period from the time you pay for your parking.

Do the new pay-on-foot machines accept cash?

Yes, the machines accept bills up to $50. Coins are not accepted.

Will the pay-on-foot machine print me a receipt?

Yes, you have the option to request a receipt when you pay for your parking at the machine. The receipt prints out of the same slot as where you insert your parking ticket.

What do I do if I lose my ticket?

You must have your ticket in your possession to use the pay-on-foot machine. If you lose your ticket you should proceed to the exit plaza and a cashier will assist you (a lost ticket charge applies). If you left your ticket in your car you will need to proceed to the exit plaza and pay by cash (cashier booth), or use your credit card at one of the exit plaza express exit stations.

What credit cards are accepted?

MasterCard, AMEX, Visa and Discover are accepted at both the pay-on-foot machines and at the exit plaza.

Can I still pay at the exit plazas?

Yes, however, paying at the pay-on-foot machine will speed up your exit from the parking lot. Once payment is made at the pay-on-foot machine, simply take your validated ticket to the shortest line at the exit plaza. Insert your ticket and the gate arm will open.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble with the pay-on-foot machine?

 Push the intercom button on the machine and a parking attendant will assist you.