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Find a variety of services offered by the airport for passengers with disabilities.

It is the intent of the Sacramento County Airport System to provide access to the airport facilities and the services associated with its operation to persons with disabilities in accordance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

-Numerous accessibility services such as TDD telephones, visual paging and braille signs are located throughout both Terminals.

Persons with disabilities or their representatives may request reasonable accommodations in alternative format, including documents, by contacting your respective airline for airline related needs, or for airport related needs, the Sacramento County Airport System via the contact page or by contacting the Airport Communications Center at 916-929-5411.


Bus Services

Public bus service to and from Sacramento International Airport is provided by Yolo Bus.

Visit Yolobus

Car Rental and Ground Transportation

For more information on Ground Transportation options, including accessible vehicles, visit our Shuttles & More web page. For reasonable accommodation requests, please call (916) 874.0725. 

Curbside check-ins

Get a skycap right there for assistance (from any airline ticket counter) or call from any courtesy phone.

Each airline is responsible for providing wheelchairs for their customers with disabilities, from curbside drop-off to the aircraft. Contact your airline's reservation desk a minimum of 72 hours prior to your flight to reserve wheelchair service. Wheelchair service is provided free of charge.

For curbside ADA assistance, please call 916-877-3339 for domestic airlines and 916-877-2000 for Aeromexico and Volaris Airlines. 


Locate courtesy phones and get a skycap to you for assistance.

Persons with disabilities whose vehicles have a disabled license plate or valid DMV placard may park in the designated spaces located in all airport parking facilities. Posted parking fees apply to everyone using these spaces.  For reasonable accommodation requests, please call (916) 874-0825.

Pick-up & Drop-off

Loading and unloading curbs at each terminal have handicapped accessible areas. Parking is not allowed at these curbs.



Elevators can be found on each terminal map.


Prepare for the TSA security checkpoint

Travelers With Disabilities and Medical Conditions

Service Animal Relief Areas

Service animal relief areas for service animals are located pre- and post-security at both terminals. These areas have bags to aid in the disposal of pet waste.

Terminal A Pet Relief Locations

Terminal A's pre-security animal relief area is located outside, to the right of the building, at the curbside passenger pick-up/drop-off. Terminal A's post-security animal relief area is located on the east (right side, after TSA checkpoint) terminal wing immediately before gate A1 next to restroom.

Terminal B Pet Relief Locations

Terminal B's pre-security animal relief area is located outside, to the right of the building, at the curbside passenger pick-up/drop-off. Terminal B's post-security animal relief area is located on the east (right side, after TSA checkpoint) terminal wing immediately before gate B11 next to restroom.

TDD Phones

Telecommunication devices for the deaf (TDD) are conveniently located throughout the terminal lobbies and concourses.


Wheelchair assistance is available from airlines and curbside skycaps at no charge. Skycaps may also assist with luggage. When purchasing your ticket, it is best to notify your airline that you will require wheelchair assistance.  You can do this while buying your ticket either online or via a reservation center/travel agent.  By doing this, the airline will be better able to assist you from the ticket counter to the aircraft.  If you need assistance from the curb to the aircraft, please call 916-874-0126 a day or two before your flight and you can make arrangements for a wheelchair attendant to meet you in front of the terminal.  You can also visit your airline's ticket counter. In Terminal A, the ticket counters are on ground level. In Terminal B, take an elevator or escalator to the second level to find your airline's ticket counter.

Those wishing to transport a battery-powered wheelchair aboard an aircraft should make arrangements with their airline in advance.
The airport recommends contacting your airline before your trip to learn about wheelchair assistance. Click on the links in the right sidebar for airline information for customers with disabilities.

Aira. Visual information on demand.

Aira is live, human-to-human visual interpreting service for people who are blind or low vision. It is available as an accommodation for anyone while onsite at our facility.

Using the powerful combination of a camera and the Aira app on someone’s device of ‘choice’, a professionally-trained agent will assist by visually interpreting what is in the camera’s view or on screen.  

Amadeus Facial Biometrics

SMF has deployed Amadeus Facial Biometrics technology at select boarding gates, starting on March 2, 2023. This state-of-the-art technology will revolutionize the process of verifying traveler identities by comparing live photos to the traveler’s existing passport or visa photo in secure U.S. Department of Homeland Security systems.  As a result, the safety and security of passengers and airport employees will be enhanced, while the screening process will become more efficient. The facial biometrics process is voluntary for U.S. citizens.

It is important to note that initially, the Amadeus Facial Biometrics technology will be deployed only for international flights. The integration of this technology is part of SMF's ongoing commitment to implementing innovative solutions that make traveling easier and more convenient for passengers. The implementation of biometric screening will save time and reduce stress for travelers, as well as provide a secure, touchless departures process for identity verification.

Travelers who wish to opt out of the new biometric process may notify an airline official or a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer as they approach the departure gate. These travelers will be required to present a valid travel document for inspection by the gate agent and they will be processed consistent with existing requirements for departure from the United States. Learn more here. 


Available wheelchair assistance will help you board your airline. You can call your airline in advance to organize assistance to and from the plane. They can also assist with your luggage from the gate.

All arrangements can be made through your airline or from a courtesy phone located throughout the airport.

ADA Complaint/Comment Procedure

In accordance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, it is the intention of Sacramento County Department of Airports to provide access to all public facilities, programs and services associated with its operation of Sacramento International Airport (SMF) to all persons with disabilities. Instructions on how to fill a complaint form are available on the Civil Rights Title VI page. Passengers may submit comments about accessibility at Sacramento International Airport via our Contact Us form.