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Employment (Jobs)

Find a job with the Sacramento County Airport System or one of our partners.

Careers with the Sacramento County Airport System

Sacramento County Airport System operates four airports, Sacramento International Airport, Mather Airport, Executive Airport and Franklin Field. Jobs at the airport system relate directly to the operation and administration of the airports. For a complete list of County Airport System divisions, please visit our General Information page and open the Organization Chart.

For a list of open Sacramento County Airport System positions, please visit the Sacramento County's job opportunities page, or call the job line at (916) 874-JOBS. For information on how to apply, please review the Sacramento County Employment Office Services page. Please note that County-wide job classifications aren't always listed under the "airport' category. You are encouraged to search for jobs that match your skills and experience.

Tenant Employment Opportunities

Airlines, tenants and Federal Government partners at the Sacramento County Airport System Airports have their own recruitment processes. Some examples of jobs at our tenants and partners include ramp agents, food preparation and service, retail sales, skycaps, security officers, custodians and more. Please contact tenants and partners directly via the links below for information about these types of jobs.


Airline Support Services
  • AIRSERV provides skycap and under-the-wing services to airlines at Sacramento International Airport

Airport Tenants

Airport Contractors

Fed Agency Employment

Ground Transportation