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Planning & Design

Learn more about our plans for the future of the County Airport System.

The Sacramento County Airport System Planning and Design division is responsible for planning, design and construction activities for the four airports in the system: SMF, SAC, MHR and F72. Planning and Design is comprised of three sections:

Planning and Environment

The Sacramento County Airport Division Planning and Environment section is responsible for: master plans, environmental review and compliance, noise, wildlife management, hazardous materials, recycling, sustainability, federal grants and airport land acquisition programs.

What is a master plan?

An airport master plan is a plan for development over the course of the next 20 years. Airport master plans include the following elements:

  • A vision set forth by the airport owner and interested parties;
  • An inventory of existing facilities, activity, and other areas of regional interest;
  • Forecasts of airport activity including projected levels of passengers, aircraft operations;
  • Demand/Capacity and Facility Requirements for airfield, terminal, roadway, parking, general aviation, cargo, other aviation-related uses, and non-aviation-related uses;
  • Development and evaluation of alternatives that could provide the level of facilities needed to meet the projected demand;
  • A recommended development plan based on the most favorable development option;
  • An environmental overview identifying environmental issues and constraints that must be taken into consideration;
  • A capital improvement program that projects capital costs and potential funding resources for implementation of the recommended airport improvements; and
  • A public involvement program that allows interested parties an opportunity to express their concerns and obtain information for the master plan update process and status.
Contract Opportunities

Design and Development

The Sacramento County Airport System Design and Development section is responsible for: engineering, design, project management, job-order contracting, and CAD/mapping.

Contract Opportunities

Construction Management

The Sacramento County Airport System Construction Management section is responsible for: project delivery, inspection and compliance.

Projects, Plans and Studies


Regional Transit Downtown Natomas Airport ‘Green Line to the Airport’

Sacramento International Airport Master Plan

2017 Master Plan Executive Summary

2007 Airport Master Plan

  • For information on the Master Plan, view documents relating to Item #63 on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Agenda from July 17, 2007.
  • SMF Table of Contents (PDF) – Download


  • Chapter 1 Introduction Final draft (PDF) – Download
  • Chapter 2 Inventory Final draft (PDF) – Download
  • Chapter 3 Forecasts final draft (PDF) – Download
  • Chapter 4 Facility Requirement final draft (PDF) – Download
  • Chapter 5 Airfield Alts (PDF) – Download
  • Chapter 6 Terminal Alts (PDF) – Download
  • Chapter 7 Environmental Overview (PDF) – Download
  • Chapter 8 Airport Plans (PDF) – Download



Executive Airport layout Plan


Mather Airport


Mather 2013 Revised Draft Master Plan