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Community Outreach & Customer Service

Learn about our community relations and customer service programs.

The Sacramento County Airport System’s Public Relations team, part of the Division of Air Service Development and Marketing, communicates with the public and the media to provide accurate and timely information about our airports.

Customer Service

The Sacramento County Airport System aims to provide consistent, superior customer service. The public isinvited to interact with us on Facebook and Twitter or contact us any time.

Film and Photography Permits

All four airports in the Sacramento County Airport System are available for commercial filming and photography. A film permit is required for all professional and student projects. From passenger terminals to ramp areas to hangars, there are many unique location choices at our airports. Contact us for more information or proceed to the Permit page.

Past Airport System film and photography projects include:

  • Lady Bird (feature film)
  • Assassination of Richard Nixon (feature film)
  • After the First 48 (reality TV)
  • Esquire Magazine (Car of the Year film/photoshoot)
  • Housewives of Beverly Hills (reality TV)
  • MTV’s Newlyweds (reality TV)
  • Palm (advertising photoshoot)
  • Switched (reality TV)
  • Sactown Magazine (fashion photo shoot)

Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is important to the Sacramento County Airport System. If you have comments, complaints, compliments, or have a question, please contact us.