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Resources for Developing a Concessions Business

Why Do Business With Us?

SMF enabled 13 million people reach their destination in 2023 and we anticipate that number to grow each year. With its open terminals and great visibility for kiosks and storefronts, passengers can shop and dine with ease in its bright and friendly environment.

Dining And Shopping

On average, Airport customers spent $8.25 on food and beverage items and $4.03 on retail items per person, for a combined spend of $12.28 per enplaned passenger. As the Airport grows with the region, we anticipate these figures to increase year after year.

A Rewarding Place To Do Business

We'll work together to help your business succeed. From design and construction to onboarding and settling in, our team will be with you along the way.

Become A Partner With SMF

View our open opportunities at Bids and Requests.

Meet Our Team

Contact the Concessions team at

Andrew Durkee

Manager, Concessions

Renata Daher

Senior Airport Economic Development Specialist

Michael Gladwill

Airport Economic Development Specialist