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Learn about our efforts to address aircraft noise concerns.


Welcome to the Sacramento County Airport System Noise Abatement Office website. Since the 1970s, the Sacramento County Airport System has been working to address noise concerns of residents that live near our airports. We understand that aircraft noise annoys some people and our goal is to minimize aircraft noise exposure at our airports by educating the pilots, airlines, land use planners, elected officials, and airports neighbors on the programs we have in place to achieve that goal.

This website explains the noise programs at each of our airports, provides answers to the most frequently asked questions, allows residents to research flight operations that may have disturbed them, and provides the opportunity to ask a question or leave a comment. The tabs on the left side of the screen provide shortcuts to the information available on this website as well as direct you to each of our airports where information on specific noise abatement programs is discussed.

The Sacramento County Airport System has an Airport Noise and Operations Management System (ANOMS) to monitor aircraft flight tracks. The flight tracking system uses Automated Radar Terminal System (ARTS) radar data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and provides information on the location of aircraft in flight, time of flight, aircraft type, airline (where applicable), and altitude. This system has a public access component known as WebTrak, and can be accessed on the left under “Investigate your Noise Concern.” WebTrak allows the citizen to view aircraft flight operations in the Sacramento region (depiction of aircraft operations are delayed by approximately two hours for data processing). In addition to flight track information, the Noise Abatement Office also has four portable noise monitors that are deployed on an ad hoc basis to collect data of noise levels in the local communities.