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Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 1:08 PM - For Immediate Release

Enjoy Live Holiday Entertainment at Terminal B

Holiday entertainers will perform inside Central Terminal B on Thursdays and Fridays beginning Dec.1-Dec. 23. Look for them on level 3 in the space across from the Old Soul Co. and Camden Foods.

December 1
11:30a – 1:30p Chris Waltz
2-3p Mardi Gras Band
3:30–5:30p Mary’s Daughter
6:00-8:00p – Delerium
December 2
11:30a – 1:30p Shauna Anderson
2-3p Ron Goldberg
3:30 – 5:30p Virginia Ayers-Dawson
6-8p - Impromptu
December 8
11:30a – 1:30p Nat Brown
2-3p Flute Song
3:30 – 5:30p Virginia Ayers-Dawson
6-8p – Delerium
December 9
11:30a – 1:30p Pamela Pamperin
2-3p Cave Women
3:30–5:30p Matt Marucci
6-8p Gwen Knittweiss
December 15
11:30a –1:30p Ron Goldberg
2-3p Pamela Pamperin
3:30–5:30p Mary’s Daughter
December 16
11:30a–1:30p Chris Waltz
2-3p Cave Women
3:30–5:30p Shauna Anderson
6-8p Delerium
December 22
12:30–1:30p Davis Youth Flute Choir
2-3p Cave Women
3:30–5:30p Mat Marucci
6-8p–Valerie Lee Weinberg
December 23
11:30a – 1:30p Flute Song
2-3p Mardi Gras Band
3:30–5:30p Mary’s Daughter
6-8p Nat Brown

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