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Monday, September 11, 2023 at 9:10 AM - For Immediate Release

SMF to Conduct Triennial Emergency Exercise

SACRAMENTO, CA – Sacramento International Airport (SMF) will be conducting its Triennial Emergency exercise on September 13, 2023. The exercise is in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. This essential exercise ensures the highest level of preparedness in the event of an emergency and is a standard practice for airports across the country.

This exercise is entirely simulated and there is no cause for alarm.

Every three years the FAA mandates that airports, including SMF, conduct a full-scale emergency exercise to simulate a response to a potential aircraft disaster. This exercise allows the Airport to evaluate and refine its emergency response procedures and ensure that all personnel involved in executing the Airport's emergency plan are well-prepared and familiar with their roles.

The exercise is scheduled to take place in the morning, commencing at approximately 8am and concluding at noon. During this time, travelers at SMF may observe an increased presence of emergency vehicles and personnel on the premises.

While SMF is not inviting the media to observe the exercise, the Airport is taking proactive measures to inform passengers and visitors about the ongoing activity. Signage will be prominently displayed in Concourse B near Gates B8 and B6, areas where fire units will be staging. These signs will clearly indicate that an exercise is in progress and there is no need for concern.

Additionally, Airport Ambassadors and employees will be present in the concourse to address any questions or concerns that passengers may have when they see an increased presence of emergency vehicles. Their presence will help provide reassurance and information to ensure that passengers feel safe and well-informed during the exercise.

SMF places the safety and security of our passengers, employees, and community as our highest priority. The Triennial Emergency Exercise is a crucial component of SMF’s commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards, and the Airport appreciates the understanding and cooperation of our valued travelers and neighbors during this important event.

For further information or inquiries related to the Triennial Emergency Exercise, please contact: Scott Johnston at

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