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Standard Operating Procedures

Find out what standard operating procedures are used at SAC.

While safety is always the highest priority, the Sacramento County Airport System encourages and expects aircraft operators to operate as quietly as possible. To assist aircraft operators in achieving this goal, the Sacramento County Airport System has established noise abatement procedures designed to minimize aircraft noise exposure in the community.  A primary emphasis of these procedures is to minimize aircraft noise during the nighttime hours (21:00 to 06:00) when people are more sensitive to aircraft noise exposure.

  • Traffic Pattern altitude is 1,024 feet Mean Sea Level (MSL); 1,524 (MSL) for turbine-powered aircraft.
  • All departing aircraft shall climb on runway heading to an altitude of 600 feet before turning unless otherwise instructed by the tower or for flight safety.
  • No touch-and go operations between the hours of 21:00 and 06:00 hours local time.
  • No practice instrument approached between the hours 21:00 and 06:00 local time. Full stop instrument approaches are acceptable at all times.
  • Mid-field or Intersection takeoffs are prohibited.
  • Formation landings and takeoffs are prohibited.
  • Use of the airport is restricted to aircraft with FAA certified takeoff noise levels of 84 EPNdB or less as listed in FAA Advisory Circular 36-1G and 36-2G
  • Turbojet aircraft shall use Runway 02/20 unless otherwise directed by ATC.

Pilot information on noise abatement (916) 874.0359

  • Standard Operating Brochure (PDF) – Download