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Aircraft Overflight Noise Working Group

Learn about citizens working with the Airport to identify ways to reduce noise exposure around MHR.

The Mather Airport Aircraft Overflight Noise Group was a citizen working group chartered by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors to identify potential actions that could reduce the impacts of noise from aircraft operating to or from Mather Airport.

This collaborative regional forum forwarded 33 recommendations to Sacramento County, of which 30 have been accepted for implementation by the Sacramento County Airport System. An additional 12 recommendations forwarded by Sacramento County Airport System staff have been implemented or are planned to be in the future. Implementation of the accepted measures will enhance noise compatibility in the vicinity of Sacramento Mather Airport and reduce the impacts of aircraft noise on the residents and citizens of the County of Sacramento and surrounding jurisdictions.

Sacramento County Airport System staff periodically review and report on the progress towards implementation of these recommendations to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. The most recent implementation status update report is available below.

  • Working Group Recommendations Update August 2006 (PDF) – Download