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Roles & Responsibilities

All parties involved have roles and responsibilities in managing the effects of aircraft noise.

Airport Proprietor

The airport proprietor is responsible for planning and assisting with the implementation of any recommendations it chooses to adopt to reduce the effects of noise on residents of the surrounding area. Any operational procedure recommended must also be approved and implemented by the FAA.

Federal Aviation Administration

The FAA's Air Traffic Control is responsible for the movement of aircraft both on the airfield and in the air and has the ability to implement noise abatement operational procedures, which have been recommended by the airport proprietor. Any noise abatement procedure must be consistent with air safety and all legal requirements.

Local Governments

The local governments have the responsibility to provide for land use planning, zoning, and housing regulations that promote land use near the airport that is compatible with airport operations.


The residents in areas surrounding an airport should provide input regarding noise concerns and strive to understand procedures that can and cannot be taken to minimize the effect of aircraft noise.


The pilot has the ultimate responsibility for the operation of the aircraft. It is up to the pilot to follow noise abatement procedures, while adhering to all safety measures.