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Sacramento International Airport (SMF)

What are the noise abatement programs for SMF?

Operations and aircraft fleet mix are different at every airport, as are the established land uses that surround an airport. The combination of these factors plays heavily into the types of noise concerns expressed by local residents. Because noise concerns are different for most airports, noise abatement programs are established to address the specific concerns for that airport and surrounding environs. This section offers information on the operation of Sacramento International Airport (SMF) and explains the specific noise abatement programs that have been established and implemented for SMF.

2017 Natomas Community Brief
2018 Natomas Community Update


Beginning in April (2019), the West Runway will close for reconstruction which is anticipated to conclude in Fall of 2019. When the West Runway is closed, all departures will take place on the East Runway. Because the East Runway is one mile closer to most residential areas, the daily departures that used to use the West Runway will temporarily pass about 500 ft. lower. Because of this, Natomas communities may experience a temporary increase in aircraft noise throughout the duration of the project.