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Sacramento International Airport (SMF)

What are the noise abatement programs for SMF?

Operations and aircraft fleet mix are different at every airport, as are the established land uses that surround an airport. The combination of these factors plays heavily into the types of noise concerns expressed by local residents. Because noise concerns are different for most airports, noise abatement programs are established to address the specific concerns for that airport and surrounding environs. This section offers information on the operation of Sacramento International Airport (SMF) and explains the specific noise abatement programs that have been established and implemented for SMF.

Fall 2020 Temporary Runway Closure Announcement; Adjustments to Aircraft Departure Operations

The East Runway, 17L/35R, will be closed beginning September 8 and re-opening in November 2020 (the exact date is to be determined). The purpose of the closure is for repair work on Taxiway Delta. All aircraft operations will take place on the West Runway, 17R/35L, during this period. As a result residents near the airport may notice a temporary change in flight operations and noise, either an increase or a decrease, depending on proximity to the West Runway, as the West Runway is one mile west of the East Runway.  When the work has been completed and the airport returns to normal dual runway operations, communities should experience a return to conventional aircraft overflight and noise activity.

Preferential Runway System (North Flow at Night): It is likely that the runway closure will place some constraints upon air traffic control’s ability to consistently implement the preferential runway use system known as North Flow at Night. It is more efficient and safer to operate in a South Flow configuration when limited to only the West Runway, especially when low visibility conditions occur or are anticipated.  As an example, when visibility is low due to smoke, haze, or fog, the South Flow approach will be used because it has the most precise navigational landing guidance system and lighting.