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Advertising Concession RFP

Agreement to contract for the display of advertising at SMF.

About the upcoming Request for Proposal (RFP)

Sacramento County Department of Airports (SCDA) plans to release the Advertising Concession RFP in the early part of 2024. Interested parties are encouraged to create an OpenGov account to be notified when the Advertising Concession RFP is released.

Download the RFP

Once released, download the Sacramento County Department of Airports 2024 Advertising Concession RFP here. All active participation within the RFP process will occur on OpenGov.

Download Coming Soon

OpenGov RFP Management Portal

The OpenGov RFP management site is the official platform for all processes and communications related to this RFP process. Create an OpenGov account to be notified once the RFP is released.

Create OpenGov Account

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