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ALERT Covid-19 FAQs - Updated April 18, 2022

Concessions Minimum Qualifications (MQ)

This is an example of MQ's for a proposal.


Proposers must demonstrate that the Minimum Qualifications listed below have been met in order to have their Proposal considered.

  1. Attend the Mandatory Pre-Proposal Conference
  2. Proposer must have a minimum of three (3) years of continuous experience within the last five (5) years in the ownership, management, and/or operation of a food and beverage business.
  3. Proposer’s qualifying business must be financially capable of performing the Agreement in the sole determination of the County.
  4. If a joint venture, partnership or limited liability company (LLC) submits a Proposal, the entity holding a controlling interest in the joint venture, partnership, or LLC, (for example, majority voting rights in company decisions), must meet the Minimum Qualifications in order to be considered for award of the Agreement.  If no single entity holds a controlling interest, then each entity in a group of entities comprising a controlling interest must meet all of the Minimum Qualifications for the joint venture, partnership, or LLC to be considered for award of the Agreement.
    1. Proposers submitting a Proposal to operate a licensed or franchised facility must independently meet all requirements of the Request for Proposal (RFP) and may not rely on the qualifications of the licensor/franchisor.  Additionally, Proposers who are proposing to operate a licensed/franchised facility must provide a letter from the licensor/franchisor granting the rights to operate the license/franchise at the Airport, or stating that the terms of a license/franchise agreement have been agreed upon pending award of the concession space.  Licensors/franchisors may propose directly; however, their licensees/franchisees will be considered Subtenants and the licensor/franchisor must meet the Minimum Qualifications set forth above to be considered for award of an Agreement.  Upon award, any Proposer submitting a licensed or franchised facility must provide the County with an executed copy of the license or franchise agreement. 
  5. Submit a complete Proposal as referenced in the RFP package.

Note: The Airport may at any time in its sole discretion change the qualifications set forth and above.