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SMF 2023 F&B RFP

An opportunity to feature your business at SMF

About the Request for Proposal (RFP)

Sacramento County Department of Airports (SCDA) invites qualified food and beverage operators to submit proposals for high-quality services at SMF. The goal is to create a program that reflects the region’s identity as “America’sFarm-to-Fork Capital”, meeting customer needs and preferences at different price points, exceeding their expectations by surprising and delighting them with high-quality food and services, offering a variety of choices and options, making them feel valued and appreciated, and resulting in an overall enhanced Airport experience.

We are pleased to invite you to submit a proposal for food and beverage concession opportunities at Sacramento International Airport. This is a unique chance to be part of creating a vibrant and diverse dining experience for our passengers and visitors for many years to come.

Director of Airports

Download the RFP

Download the SMF 2023 F&B RFP here. All active participation within the RFP process will occur on OpenGov.

Download the SMF 2023 F&B RFP

OpenGov RFP Management Portal

The OpenGov RFP management site is the official platform for all processes and communications related to this RFP process.

All proposers must create an OpenGov account to participate.

After logging in, proposers must RSVP to the mandatory virtual pre-proposal conference on the OpenGov site.

OpenGov – SMF 2023 F&B RFP Site

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Please email if you have any questions or concerns regarding the OpenGov site.

Once the RFP is issued, proposers and their representatives, agents, and affiliates (including prospective subtenants, joint venture partners, and their agents and representatives) are prohibited from contacting County employee, Selection Committee member, or other County representatives to discuss or ask questions about the contents of this RFP, the attached draft Agreement, the selection process; or to otherwise encourage or seek a specific result in connection with this RFP. All questions shall be submitted in writing. Inappropriate contacts may result in the proposer's rejection or disqualification.

Notwithstanding the above, SCDA's representative may initiate communications with a proposer to obtain additional information or clarification needed for SDCA to properly and accurately evaluate a proposal submitted in response to this RFP.