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Information for Prospective Homebuyers

Moving to the area around SAC? Find out about the operation of the Airport here.

Potential homebuyers should be aware of planned airport growth and the exposure to aircraft operations in the area near Executive Airport - now and in the future.

Prospective homebuyers are encouraged to contact the Sacramento County Airport System at and provide the address of the prospective home.  Noise Office staff can assist buyers in understanding the range and nature of airport/aircraft exposure to which a particular property may be subject.  Prospective homebuyers concerned with aircraft overlfight exposure should always spend sufficient time at their potential new location to gain a thorough understanding of the area and any disturbances they may encounter.

Executive Airport is primarily a general aviation facility and has three runways: Runway 02/20, Runway 12/30 and Runway 16/34. Runway 20 is used most frequently because it is the longest runway and due to the fact that the majority of the time during any given year winds in the Sacramento region are from the south.  Runway 20 is used approximately 74 percent of the time in a given year.  When winds are from the north Runway 30 is used; this equates to approximately 15 percent of the time in a given year.  Runway 02 is used approximately 7 percent of the time and all FAA published instrument approach procedures are designed with approaches to runway 02. Runway 12 is used approximately 4 percent of the time.  Runway 16/34 is infrequently used.

  • Executive Airport Diagram (PDF) – Download

The primary areas of concern have historically been centered around the use of Runway 30 and practice Instrument Landing System (ILS) approaches to Runway 02.  Exhibits 1 and 2 depict the general areas of aircraft overflight during the predominant utilization of Runway 20.  Exhibits 3 and 4 depict the general areas of aircraft overflight during the use of Runway 30 when winds are from the north.  Aircraft will arrive from the southeast and depart to the northwest on Runway 30.  This results in overflights of the South Land Park area.  Exhibit 5 depicts the customary practice approaches to the ILS for Runway 02.  This results in overflights of the Greenhaven-Pocket area.

These exhibits are not meant to represent the level of noise but rather the general location by operation mode and altitudes of aircraft.  The exhibits are samples of flight tracks in the vicinity of the Airport and were developed using various time periods (day, week, month, etc.) to show in general terms what the flight patterns in the vicinity of the Airport may look like. Flight track locations naturally vary from day-to-day due to wind speed and direction, weather fronts, pilot techniques, and the location of other air traffic in the local area.

  • Airport Disclosure Brochure for Real Estate Professionals (PDF) – Download