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Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 4:44 PM - For Immediate Release

Sacramento County Airport System Contributes $4 Billion a Year to Local Economy

SACRAMENTO, CA. — Every year the Sacramento County Airport System creates 11,000 jobs with a payroll of $442.5 million and contributes approximately $4 billion to the local economy, according to the Airport System’s most recent Economic Impact Study. The results of the study were delivered to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors on March 8, 2011. The study includes data from Sacramento International Airport, Mather Airport and Executive Airport.

“Not only do the airports in the County Airport System bring visitors and vital goods to our region,” said Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Chair Roberta MacGlashan, “but they are an extremely valuable economic asset.”

The Economic Impact Study report is based on data collected in 2008 and includes the following highlights:

  • Businesses and government agencies at Airport System airports directly employ 4,170 people, and contribute 6,830 off-airport jobs
  • The direct employment payroll for on-airport jobs is $208.1 million, with an additional payroll of $234.4 million for off-airport jobs
  • The economic impact in 2008 for the three airports in the study was as follows:
    • Sacramento International Airport - $4.05 billion
    • Mather Airport - $151.3 million
    • Executive Airport - $20.7 million
  • The Airport System’s projected annual economic impact from 2009 to 2013 is as follows:
    • 2009 - $3.897 billion
    • 2010 - $3.866 billion
    • 2011 - $4.095 billion
    • 2012 - $4.339 billion
    • 2013 - $4.597 billion

“The Sacramento County Airport System is a bright spot in this slowly recovering economy,” said Interim County Executive Steven Szalay, “and the new terminal opening later this year at Sacramento International Airport will ensure that our region has an airport ready to handle future growth.”

“We are proud to be a major driver of the economy in Sacramento,” said Sacramento County Airport System Director G. Hardy Acree., “and our focus over the next few years is to continue to improve our facilities to meet the needs of our growing community.”

Sacramento County Airport System began construction on the Big Build at Sacramento International Airport in June 2008. The program is designed to meet future air travel demand by replacing the outdated 216,000 square foot/13 gate Terminal B, with the new 669,000 square foot/19 gate Central Terminal B. Construction is on schedule and on budget. The new facility is expected to open in late 2011.

A full copy of the Economic Impact Study can be found on the Airport System’s website at

The Sacramento County Department of Airport is responsible for planning, developing, operating and maintaining the county’s four airports: Sacramento International Airport, Executive Airport, Mather Airport and Franklin Field. Sacramento International Airport offers more than 150 daily nonstop flights on 10 domestic and international carriers to 30 cities. The regional economic impact of the Sacramento County airport system is more than $4 billion annually. For more information, visit