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Friday, September 9, 2016 at 4:36 PM - For Immediate Release

Southbound I-5 onramp at Airport Boulevard to be closed at midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

SACRAMENTO - The southbound I-5 loop onramp at Airport Boulevard will be closed from midnight Friday, Saturday and Sunday until mid-morning to allow Caltrans to complete roadwork at Sacramento International Airport.

The closure will primarily impact passengers on late-night flights who are driving home using Interstate 5 south.

Drivers will be routed to a six-mile detour. Caltrans lists the detour as follows:

Exit at county road 22 (exit 531)

  • Take a right turn onto Old River road
  • Take a right turn onto County Road 118
  • Take a right turn onto to 1-5 south to Sacramento

The on-ramp will be closed from midnight Friday, Sept. 9 until 9 a.m. Saturday; from midnight Saturday until 10 a.m. Sunday; and from midnight Sunday until 6 a.m. Monday.

Sacramento County Airport System, a department of Sacramento County, is responsible for planning, developing, operating and maintaining four of the County’s airports: Sacramento International Airport, Executive Airport, Mather Airport and Franklin Field. The Airport System provides more than $4 billion in annual economic impact to the Sacramento region. For more information, visit